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5 Reasons you DON'T have oily skin

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

It's taken me many years of trial and error to learn the things I have about beauty. And when I say that "I've tried it ALL"! I mean that! lol Especially when it comes to understanding the concept of "oily" skin. I've been the girl who literally looks like she's melting by the end of the day. (It sucks!) And the beauty industry doesn't help by pushing us products that don't really work and marketing that plays on our self esteem. I wanted to share a few quick tips that may help you understand your skin a little better. And at the end, I'll share my YouTube Video so you can thank me by Subscribing. LOL

1. Your Skin Is Dehydrated.

Not drinking an adequate amount of water causes the whole body not to operate at its optimal function. The skin on your face is the last to benefit. Think of it in the way that your body's organs need to ration out the water you do have just to keep running. So the best your face can do is to secrete oil to try and compensate for that lack of life fluid. I know it sounds a little dramatic. But there's good news! The solution is quite simple. Go drink some water! lol

It's best at room temperature and even better warm and sipped slowly throughout the day. (Ayurvedic Tip for hydrating) Your whole body will thank you! And your skin will not only balance the oil it puts out. It will be able to filter out toxins better, heal quicker, look healthier and appear more youthful.

2. Your Face Is Dirty

*Cringe* I know. I'm not beating up on you. I'm just keeping it a buck with you! You may not be cleansing properly and that could result in layers of oil and debris. This could definitely be adding to your "oily skin" issues. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Because I wasn't cleansing properly for years! I just didn't know! Especially for us women who wear a little makeup. Here's two solutions; double cleansing & make sure you have a night time regime. Double cleansing is where you take an oil based cleanser and break down the makeup, dirt or oil in the first cleanse. (Also a great time for facial massage! Another post on that is coming! *smile*) Rinse that off. Then follow with your typical cream or gel cleanser. Doing this especially at night is even better! It will help you relax and prepare the skin for night time healing and repair. There's no way your skin won't feel more balanced and hydrated after doing this! Bye Bye Oily Skin! Hello Gorgeous Glow!

3. You Don't Use The Right Products

This is directly connected to the last one I shared. Not using products properly formulated for you could be keeping you from seeing cleaner, more balanced skin. Which ultimately can give the disco ball effect. Especially when everything marketed to "oily skin" tends to strip it completely of necessary moisture. Resulting in the skin over compensating with more oil. *Sigh* So what's the solution? Working with an professional esthetician is ideal. Licensed professionals have access to product lines with more powerful ingredients than you can find simply through retail. If regular facials aren't in the self care budget, I recommend trying a line for at least 30 days to see the maximum results of what it can do for your skin. Don't be afraid to try a cream cleanser or something more hydrating just for night time. Save the oil control for day-time and pre makeup wear.

4. You Don't Understand Your Cycles

For women, our hormone cycles play a HUGE part in our skin! Understanding this can make all the difference in knowing what to expect from our skin. During the week before our period, we can experience oilier skin and breakouts. You can also throw fluid retention and puffiness on that list. So what's the solution? Customizing skin care during this time and facial massage can help. But overall diet, health and lifestyle are 80% of having beautiful skin. It isn't just "oily" because you got dealt a bad hand of skin cards. I'm gonna keep it real! Half of the decisions I've made about my health are purely because I want my skin to look a certain way. (Don't judge me!) That led me down the rode to understanding my cycles and the way my body works. This is how I know like I know! Decreasing "oiliness" is not just a matter of the right face wash. There's a little more to it.

5. Your Skin Is Not Filtering Properly

Ultimately what I want to make clear with this post is that your skin isn't just "Oily". It's imbalanced. As a makeup artist, for years I've seen women sit in my chair and beat themselves up about this or that. I try to help them understand, whatever they want is achievable. All of the things I've mentioned above will help the biggest organ on your body start to filter much better. Bringing balance to the skin and taking the idea away of "problem skin". Drinking water will flush the tissues, hydrate and remove waste. Cleansing properly with the right products will help it stay cleansed, treated and balanced. And understanding what your body needs at all times of the month, will help you know exactly what to expect and prepare for. So you have the power to get your skin exactly where you want it to be!

I hope this was helpful! Feel free to share this post with someone you love that would benefit. Here's that YouTube Video I promised you. *Wink* Do your girl a solid and hit that subscribe button! It helps more than you know and is always appreciated.

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