Blushing Black | Black Fridays: Interview with Joy N. Randall of Flawless Makeup Art


Almost four years ago, I had the pleasure to meet a young lady through my bff who was an up-and-coming makeup artist from the Charlotte, NC area. She spoke boldy about her love for the art and was taking every opportunity to sharpen her craft for bigger and better things to come. Who knew almost 4 year later, she would end up as one of Charlotte’s most sought out Celebrity MUAs? Meet Joy Randall.

Joy is a spunky, sassy young lady with an infectious smile and a beast with a makeup brush! I had the pleasure of having her as my makeup artist for my wedding last Summer #totesamaze.

I had the pleasure to see and talk to Joy about what’s going on with her today during my last trip to Charlotte. With Joy’s tenacity and spunky personality, she’s determined to make it all happen…and she’s just getting started!

LG of BB: Give us a brief synopsis on Joy N. Randall, the Makeup Killah. Who is she?

JNR: Joy Nichelle Randall is a Professional Makeup Artist by trade… but I’m also a so