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Blushing Black | Black Fridays: Interview with Joy N. Randall of Flawless Makeup Art


Almost four years ago, I had the pleasure to meet a young lady through my bff who was an up-and-coming makeup artist from the Charlotte, NC area. She spoke boldy about her love for the art and was taking every opportunity to sharpen her craft for bigger and better things to come. Who knew almost 4 year later, she would end up as one of Charlotte’s most sought out Celebrity MUAs? Meet Joy Randall.

Joy is a spunky, sassy young lady with an infectious smile and a beast with a makeup brush! I had the pleasure of having her as my makeup artist for my wedding last Summer #totesamaze.

I had the pleasure to see and talk to Joy about what’s going on with her today during my last trip to Charlotte. With Joy’s tenacity and spunky personality, she’s determined to make it all happen…and she’s just getting started!

LG of BB: Give us a brief synopsis on Joy N. Randall, the Makeup Killah. Who is she?

JNR: Joy Nichelle Randall is a Professional Makeup Artist by trade… but I’m also a socialite, blogger, teacher, and healer to name a few other titles. I’m an all around business woman. And in constant pursuit of improving myself, my work and my lifestyle.(#flawlesslifestyle) I like to say I have energy that can’t be ignored. I think it’s safe to say that I am one of a kind! 😉

LG of BB: How did you get started in the makeup business?

JNR: I had a job at MAC before I graduated from cosmetology school…I credit them with a lot of my training. I worked with them permanently for around a year before deciding to freelance full time. I had to create a business in my area that just focused on artistry and not selling a product. I only wanted to “do” makeup…not sell it. I’ve been freelancing for about 7 years now. I have an agent as well as own my own business and still freelance for companies like MAC…God is good! 🙂

LG of BB: Who are some celebrities you’ve worked with?

JNR: Fantasia, Mya, Melissa Ford, K Ci and Jo Jo, Jamie Foster Brown from Sister to Sister Mag…I’ve worked with some NASCAR drivers too like Kurt Bush I like to keep things diverse! 😉 LOL

LG of BB: What are some of your favorite go-to items when you’re creating the “flawless” face?

JNR: I love MAC’s face primer with SPF…helps keep the skin matte and makeup intact all day. Also love their Fluid Line Eye Liner and the Match Masters foundation is to die for!! Great Lash Mascara is a staple item… and I love Black Opal’s Lose Powder to set makeup.

LG of BB: Tell us the truth: are you a product junkie when it comes to beauty products?

JNR: LOL I’m not as much of a “product whore” as I used to be! LOL! I find now that I keep a staple of things in my kit that guarantee results. Every so often I’ll see something “new” that I haven’t tried or excites me. But it’s rare…everybody has the same stuff these days with different labels and names on it. High end or low.

LG of BB: Now I’m aware that there are some that aren’t into makeup like me. For those that aren’t makeup “savvy”, finding makeup can be a bit overwhelming. What’s your advice to those just starting out with exploring makeup?

JNR: Know thyself! Makeup only looks “Flawless” when you feel that way, and should reflect your personality. Don’t let people or MUA’s talk you into things that aren’t you. Be honest about what you like and don’t like and take gradual steps into bolder looks. You have to own your look! And you can only do that when you’re comfortable.

LG of BB: What are the basic items that a girl should have in her makeup bag?

JNR: Powder, Blush, Mascara, Something for brows ad lipstick or gloss…full face right there baby! LOL

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