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Updated: May 22, 2020

On Style: She encourages women to think about what they like, to be honest – and to embrace the brow


After working as a department store cosmetic saleswoman, Joy Nichelle Randall, 33, realized, “I never wanted to sell, I just wanted to do.” With a bachelor’s degree from North Carolina A&T State University, she founded Flawless Makeup Art, which handles jobs ranging from celebrity appearances to national and local print ads, to television productions.

Q. How do you approach a client?

A. I do boardrooms to ballrooms. Every woman is different, so I always ask them: “How do you want to feel?” I’ve had a client say, “I’m going to meet my ex-husband for lunch, and I want to kill him softly.”

A. I love classic things. My favorite color is black. I think it is mysterious, I think it is chic, I think it is sexy.

Q. What’s your daily makeup routine?

A. As a makeup artist, I tend to wear the same makeup every day. The only thing I change is my lip color. People have a signature look. You want people to know what to expect. Especially in social media: You want them to recognize you.

Q. Give me an example.

A. I’m big on eyebrows. Brows bring the whole face. It’s non-negotiable. Foundation to even out my skin tone, and blush. But I never use one of anything. My foundation is two or three colors, I use at least two colors in my brows as well. Blush I use at least three. It takes effort to look natural. I may put on a cat eye if I’m feeling jazzy.

Q. What jeans do you wear?

A. I like jeggings. I like my jeans super tight, to hold everything in.

Q. Tell me a favorite designer.

A. One is local, Flow by Tara Davis.

Q. What does style mean to you?

A. Style is definitely something you are born with. You can’t purchase it. Style describes you without you saying anything. You might be a laid-back person, or you might really invest – physically, mentally and emotionally – in the way you look.

Q. How does your sense of style help you do your job?

A. I know a fit for me. I choose my clients like they choose me. It’s very important when you are in the beauty business to look the part. People are looking to you to be the resource. They want to trust you.

Q. Tell me about a pair of shoes you like.

A. I love a good pair of combat boots. There’s something about it that is very rock star, and comfortable. I am not that girl who will stand around for five hours in high heels.

Q. Who do you shop with?

A. I love to shop alone. I’ll shop on a Tuesday, about 11 o’clock. It’s freshly stocked. The people are glad to see you and they have a good attitude. I don’t want opinions, because I know what I like.

Q. What do you require in a purse?

A. I’m obsessed with saddle bags. Most of the time I work with them. It’s on your body, you don’t have to take it off. You feel more comfortable because you know nobody is messing with the stuff.

Q. Anything unusual in your purse?

A. There’s probably more lipsticks than the average person.

Q. What’s next on your list to buy?

A. I want some gold fangs. I think they would look so chic and sexy.

Q. What’s on your list to buy someday?

A. A Cartier love bracelet. I want a nice classic pair of Prada pumps.

Q. What’s your favorite breakfast?

A. It’s totally not what I should have. I have a friend who works at The Ritz, at BLT Steak. They have this banana nut French toast ...

Q. What fashion advice can you give to women?

A. To be honest about what you like and don’t like about yourself. When you are honest, you can find better what works for you. Those things you don’t like, you find the illusions that work with it. You need to really limit yourself.

Q. Tell me something you see people do that you wish you could correct.

A. Women look outward too much. Social media and TV make people think they need to do what is popular. People just need to know what they want. I think that social media is a gift and curse. It is giving people a very false sense of reality.

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