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Real Hair Wrap!

It's one thing to have a Hairstylist that can do great hair. But to have a great Hairstylist that can do great hair AND make you laugh, that's a gift! Tell me I'm lying? Well that is exactly what my girl Jimica Sayles of "Caked by Jimica" is bringing to the table. She's the latest guest on my new YouTube series "BeautyFull Conversations". I created this space to chat with beauty and health professionals about the realities industry compared to the perceptions we see online. And let me tell you, I'm having a blast doing it!

On this episode, you'll definitely get some giggles. And you'll get some tips on healthy hair and free game for life too! I have a soft spot for other professionals, like myself, who've been in the game before the internet changed the game. We've got a lot of wisdom to share and at times shade to throw. *smirk* It all makes for entertaining chat for your viewing pleasure.

I've known Jimica for years, but I'm excited for you to get to know her too. That is, if you don't already! This beauty is already super well known on social media. She's had a few viral posts that have helped her gain over 14k followers on Instagram! I could rant and rave about her all day, but I assure you it will be much more exciting to check it all out for yourself. So without further delay, click that link below. If we share something that speaks to you, please let us know in the comments! SUBSCRIBE if you haven't yet. Like & share but most of all enjoy!

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