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Real Love Feels Like Freedom

Updated: May 26, 2020

Real love feels like freedom. But no one really talks about how terrifying freedom feels. It’s like jumping from a skyscraper. Free falling. Or climbing one thousand ancient Chinese steps with no rails and a destination you can’t even see. Or maybe more like one of those old raggedy bridges you see in the movies. The one that no one has crossed in decades. The first step causes a piece of it to break but you literally have no other option to get to the other side. Besides falling to some dark unknown as the alternative. Yeah. That’s freedom alright. That’s love.

You have to be fearless to fall in love. And you have to be crazy to do it more than once. A thrill seeker. Like rock climbers and people who jump out of planes. Craving spaces to be free. To experience God’s omnipotent presence, you must connect to what cannot be contained. Do you know how scary that really is? The duality of allowing something to possibly kill you just to make you feel alive.

There is nothing safe about freedom. And true love is rarely pleasant. But how can one be living without feeling their heart beating within their chest and riddled with fear, anxiety and instinctive adrenaline. You can’t plan freedom. You can’t contain love in the structure of holy union. All you can do is continue to create more opportunities to explore this unknown. To see God. That is life. For those that opt out ain’t even living. It’s hard to imagine that some never feel the beat of their heart outside of entrance and exit. Choosing cages. When this freedom is abundant. This love is everywhere.

Only the daring know the sweetest of its fruit, the beauty of its sunsets, how refreshing the breeze can be and the wildness of worlds unknown. Only the free, explore. This is love.

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