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So you want to be a Makeup Artist?

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

It’s probably been 10 years since I came up with idea for #BeautyFullConversations. I remember chatting with a colleague at Amelie's Bakery and telling them how much I believed in the power of a good conversation. That there was so much we could learn from and about each other, simply by taking genuine interest in each other. I know most people don't expect that from a Makeup Artist, but it's actually been a huge part of growing my clientele over the years.

Well, that seed was planted and now it’s finally manifested in my new YouTube series!

I’m chatting with Beauty & Health experts about the TRUTH of working in the beauty biz. So much has changed since I started out in 2005. *Gasp* The whole industry literally shifted from licensed, qualified professionals to influencers and celebrities creating platforms overnight.

I want to provide a space right in the middle, for real & experienced experts to share. Starting with my girl Ashley Looper, fellow makeup artist and the one woman show behind #TheAshleyEdit. We dropped some jewels for aspiring artists and some relatable tea & shade for “real” makeup lovers. Check it out. Like. Share! Subscribe. So you can stay updated on the next guest expert. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Many Thanks to Charise Entzminger for her amazing videography and editing skills!

Video: Entzminger Media

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