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Style Mayvin | Change Your Makeup without Using Product

Updated: May 22, 2020

As a professional Makeup Artist, I find that so many women have it completely wrong when it comes to what they think about makeup. They look to celebrities, friends or family or sales people (aka makeup artist who work at makeup counters) for advice on what looks good. I’m here to tell you something you probably never heard from a makeup artist… our opinions really don’t matter.

Makeup is such an individual thing! I like to say it’s the finishing touch to your style, your look. And no matter how much “I” love something on you, if it doesn’t reflect your personality, you won’t pull it off. So here are some tips from a pro, that could change everything about your makeup, and believe it or not, I won’t mention one product. 

Know what you genuinely like and dislike. It makes it easier to ask for help and make decisions. If you love pink, that’s awesome. If you hate pink, that’s awesome too. Knowing will make it easier for a sales person to help you narrow it down and then apply it properly. And you won’t be stuck looking uncomfortable in something that someone else told you looks amazing on you, but deep down, you really hate.

It’s ok to wear the same thing every day. In fact, I encourage women often to find a signature look they can master. Something that no matter what you know how to apply it well and it looks good on you. After mastering a look, it becomes much easier to play with color variations when you’re ready. Application is more important than color selection. So find what works and stick to it.

Don’t take suggestions or criticisms too personal. We all have a way we see ourselves and then there is the way the world sees us. Be mindful of the days everyone tells you that you look amazing! Also be mindful of the days your husband or kids tell you something is not so flattering. Part of having a polished look is knowing what works for you. And a lot of times, it’s not exactly what we would choose, because it’s not how we see ourselves. Compliments are always great indicators of what other people perceive that you look great in. 

Get honest with what’s in the mirror. It’s so heartbreaking to listen to women talk down on themselves. “My nose is big”, “My lips are small, blah blah blah. The hard truth is that insecurity oozes into your demeanor, and that is what people see, not the little things you nit pick yourself about. We all have things we can improve on, but embracing what is unique about you is where you will find true beauty. Use makeup to enhance your attributes, not change your face. You have to be ok with who you are to even start to form healthy opinions. Otherwise, you become the cosmetic industries ideal target. The woman who purchases everything that someone suggests, to try and solve issues that really can’t be resolved with cosmetics. 

I hope this is helpful for all women! Feel free to comment with opinions and/or questions. I definitely want to hear from you! Until next time ladies!  

You can see the full article in Style Mayvin here.

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